Take one part love of writing, two parts egotism, stir in too much downtime, and this mess is what you get. Fortunately for you, Mr. and Ms. John Q. Internet, I’ll be serving this concoction on the house as much as possible. I’m Nick, a guy who gets fired up about advertising, storytelling, and craft beer. What do I get out of this? An audience for my musings and orderly rants… (and shameless self-promotion to try to land a marketing gig.) Moving on!

What subjects are we going to be tackling in this sanctuary for enlightened discussion? All of the most pressing issues of our time. We will be reviewing TV shows (and holding many of them to the absurdly high bar set by ‘The Wire’). Movies, since I usually need to nerd out for a bit after seeing a premier in theaters. Craft breweries, which have been causing my bank account some distress for years. Finally, marketing, because on top of it being my professional pursuit, both the best and the worst brands deserve to be recognized as such.

If you’re still here, stick around. What I write from here on out probably won’t get much worse than what you just read. Who knows? You might actually enjoy yourself and learn something in the process. (Actual experience may vary. PlumLine is not liable for the results of reading blog posts.)


3 thoughts on “About

  1. You have my attention! Looking forward to your angle on various TV shows and movies. I actually just started watching The Wire. In a few days I will understand just how high of a bar it set.

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