Lovecraftian Lessons in Brand Marketing

H. P. Lovecraft’s original sketch of the now-iconic Cthulhu

Horror legend H. P. Lovecraft would have been a total buzzkill at parties. He didn’t like to go out in daylight, was a pretty staunch nativist, and held a worldview that Warner Herzog might find troubling. Yet it’s probably for the best that no one ever brightened up that outlook, since it played a big part in churning out some of the most influential horror and science fiction writing in history.

When I started reading Lovecraft last year, I wasn’t surprised to find I enjoyed the hell out of it. I had heard about his knack for suspense and world-building, and the tales did not disappoint. What did surprise me was realizing that far more went into building Lovecraft’s monumental legacy than simply scary stories. The more I read, the more I saw that this reclusive misanthrope had skills that could have been put to serious use in marketing. Whether he knew it or not, his disconcerting philosophy developed into a brand that enveloped his fiction and himself. Continue reading