Work Samples

The Pitt News 2012-2013 Advertising Media Kit

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During my time with the Pitt News, we faced a five-year trend of declining revenues. Our business manager ambitiously expanded the services we offered to advertising clients, including sponsored Tweets and sticky note ads on the front page of our print edition. Naturally, we needed a new way to tell business what we could do for them.

One of the most crucial elements of this effort was developing a new media sales kit. An obvious advantage of starting from scratch was the ability to focus on a clean layout with more extensive information. I was able to give a thorough introduction to the Pitt News and its audience as well as ample data on the university marketing industry. Each promotional vehicle is prominently displayed in its own section, and contains a much clearer listing of rates and mechanical options.

I was also determined to represent the publication’s connection to the Pitt community. I focused on heavily incorporating Pitt’s school colors, navy blue and gold, into the design. Working with our photography editor, I was also able to obtain images of iconic scenes and locations around the University’s campus.

My efforts paid off in full, as the new media kit proved to be a valuable tool in helping the sales team establish and grow client relationships. The 2012-2013 fiscal year saw increase in revenues of more 12 percent over the previous year. That boost pushed the company’s margins into the black for the first time in five years.

Pizza Sola Display Advertising

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What do you do when you add a full service bar to your pizza shop in a neighborhood full of college students? You tell them all about it. These ads were created to promote Pittsburgh restaurant Pizza Sola. Their Oakland location had reopened its doors after several months of renovations.

Re-establishing a customer base is never easy, so we decided to put the word out loud and clear. The goal was a simple and striking visual that would stand out as a print or web advertisement, promoting a familiar brand offering a whole new appeal. A modified logo and simple color scheme were used to emphasize a clear and bold message.

Through an integrated marketing campaign featuring these designs, Pizza Sola was able to quickly develop popularity both as a quality eatery and as a fun late night spot for the university market.

Equal Pay Day Rally 2013 (Women and Girls Foundation of Southwest PA)

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Above are selected tweets from a social media campaign to promoted 2013 Equal Pay Day rally hosted by the Women and Girls Foundation of Southwest PA. The key to success was mixing humor in with the statistics and data of a social issue. Along with a press releases submitted to news outlets throughout western Pennsylvania, we emphasized a key message, “Income inequality is no fun to talk about, so let’s fix it.” These efforts resulted in more local and regional media outlets providing live coverage of the rally than in any of its six previous years.


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